GUNMA Tourist Guide of Gunma Prefecture

  • Takumi no Sato

    Takumi no Sato

    Ateliers for straw work, pottery, and bamboo work ...

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  • Mizukikokan Roadside Station

    Mizukikokan Roadside Station

    This roadside station is located along the pure wa...

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  • Numata Festival

    Numata Festival

    The floats and portable shrines parading through t...

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  • Kawaba Den-en Plaza Roadside Station

    Kawaba Den-en Plaza Roadside Station

    This roadside station has been ranked as "The Best...

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  • Agurimu Showa Roadside Station

    Agurimu Showa Roadside Station

    Showa Mura, which is known as the producing area o...

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  • Ikaho Green Bokujo

    Ikaho Green Bokujo

    Ikaho Green Bokujo raises sheep, rabbits, and hors...

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  • Gunma Safari Park

    Gunma Safari Park

    Visitors can have an up close look at about 100 sp...

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  • Usuitouge Tetsudo Bunka Mura

    Usuitouge Tetsudo Bunka Mura

    This rail theme park lets you look, touch, and exp...

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  • KANEKO SEEDS Gunma Flower Park

    KANEKO SEEDS Gunma Flower Park

    This is a floral theme park located on the south s...

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  • Kezoji Park

    Kezoji Park

    This is a famous flower-viewing spot for cherry bl...

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  • Gunma Insect World

    Gunma Insect World

    A village forest with rice paddies, swamps, thicke...

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  • Kiryu Yagibushi Festival

    Kiryu Yagibushi Festival

    Joshu (Gunma) region's traditional Yagibushi dance...

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  • Odairanosato


    Odairanosato in Midori City has a variety of attra...

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  • Winter Activities

    Winter Activities

    Gunma is home to over twenty ski resorts with a la...

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  • Trekking/Hiking


    Take a walk through nature decorated with the flow...

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  • Water Activities

    Water Activities

    You can enjoy a variety of water activities in nat...

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