GUNMA Tourist Guide of Gunma Prefecture

  • Osen-no-taki Falls

    Osen-no-taki Falls

    This is 25-meter waterfall located in Kusatsu. Thi...

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  • Mt. Asama Magma Stone Park

    Mt. Asama Magma Stone Park

    Lava formed this work of art when Mt. Asama-yama e...

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  • Aisai no Oka

    Aisai no Oka

    This is a tourist site for shouting words of love ...

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  • Kazawa Yunomaru Plateau

    Kazawa Yunomaru Plateau

    The plateau is famous for its masses of Japanese a...

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  • Asama Otaki and Uodome-no-taki waterfalls

    Asama Otaki and Uodome-no-taki waterfalls

    The waterfall sends a massive amount of water casc...

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  • Mt. Tanigawadake

    Mt. Tanigawadake

    At 1,977 meters, Mt. Tanigawadake is the highest m...

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  • Suwakyo Gorge

    Suwakyo Gorge

    This is a scenic spot near Minakami Onsen. Visitor...

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  • Tambara Lavender Park

    Tambara Lavender Park

    About 50,000 lavender shrubs are planted on the sk...

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  • Fukiware-no-taki Falls

    Fukiware-no-taki Falls

    Fukiware-no-taki falls with a drop from seven mete...

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  • Mt. Nikko-Shiranesan

    Mt. Nikko-Shiranesan

    Mt. Nikko-Shiranesan is a 2,578-meter mountain on ...

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  • Ozegahara


    Oze is Japan's largest highland marsh, and is famo...

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  • Mt. Hotaka-yama

    Mt. Hotaka-yama

    This is known for the secret mountains of mountain...

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  • Kajika-bashi Bridge

    Kajika-bashi Bridge

    This is a vermillion-lacquered arched bridge. The ...

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  • Akagi Nature Park

    Akagi Nature Park

    Akagi Nature Park is located on the western foot o...

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  • Ikaho Green Bokujo

    Ikaho Green Bokujo

    Ikaho Green Bokujo raises sheep, rabbits, and hors...

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  • Mt. Harunasan

    Mt. Harunasan

    Mt. Harunasan is one of Jomo-Sanzan, three famous ...

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  • Yoshigadaira Wetlands

    Yoshigadaira Wetlands

    A stone monument marks the highest point on Nation...

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  • Chatsubomi Moss Park

    Chatsubomi Moss Park

    Deep-green colored chatsubomi moss loves highly ac...

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  • Lake Nozoriko

    Lake Nozoriko

    This is a lake formed by a dam located at 1,513 m ...

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  • Lake Shimako

    Lake Shimako

    This manmade lake is located on the way from Nakan...

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  • Agatsumakyo Gorge

    Agatsumakyo Gorge

    Spectacular scenery with unusually shaped rocks an...

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  • Mt. Iwabitsu-yama

    Mt. Iwabitsu-yama

    Mt. Iwabitsu-yama is a mountain of rock 802 meters...

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  • Gunma Astronomical Observatory

    Gunma Astronomical Observatory

    The observatory houses one of the world's largest ...

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  • Hanadaka Flower-Viewing Hill

    Hanadaka Flower-Viewing Hill

    Hanadaka Flower-Viewing Hill is located in the wes...

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  • Takasaki Dye Botanical Garden

    Takasaki Dye Botanical Garden

    The Takasaki Dye Botanical Garden is a natural pla...

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  • Lake Oshioko

    Lake Oshioko

    About one thousand cherry trees, azaleas, and hydr...

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  • Mt. Myogisan Panorama Park

    Mt. Myogisan Panorama Park

    Located at the foot of Mt. Myogisan, one of Japan’...

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  • Mt. Myogisan

    Mt. Myogisan

    It is one of the three scenic spots in Japan. The ...

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  • Sakurayama Park

    Sakurayama Park

    About 7,000 Fuyuzakura cherry trees decorate the p...

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  • Fuji no Saku Oka

    Fuji no Saku Oka

    Within the park of 2.3 hectares, visitors can enjo...

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  • Tsuchi to Hi no Sato

    Tsuchi to Hi no Sato

    The park, surrounded with rich nature, holds handi...

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  • Rakusan-en


    Rakusan-en opened in 2012 after a restoration proj...

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  • Fujido Cave

    Fujido Cave

    At a total length of 2.2 kilometers, Fujido is the...

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  • Ueno Sky Bridge

    Ueno Sky Bridge

    Sky Bridge that extends over the verdant natural l...

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  • Kanna Dinosaur Center

    Kanna Dinosaur Center

    The Kanna Dinosaur Center not only lets visitors s...

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  • Mt. Akagi-yama

    Mt. Akagi-yama

    Mt. Akagi-yama is the symbol of Gunma Prefecture. ...

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  • KANEKO SEEDS Gunma Flower Park

    KANEKO SEEDS Gunma Flower Park

    This is a floral theme park located on the south s...

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  • Shikishima Park Kadokura Techno Rose Garden

    Shikishima Park Kadokura Techno Rose Garden

    This garden has 7,000 roses in 600 different varie...

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  • Akabori Small Chrysanthemum Park

    Akabori Small Chrysanthemum Park

    Nearly twenty thousand kogiku, or small chrysanthe...

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  • Hachiojiyama Park (Ota City Northern Athletic Park)

    Hachiojiyama Park (Ota City Northern Athletic Park)

    Hachiojiyama Park is a large fitness park in Ota w...

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  • Gunma Insect World

    Gunma Insect World

    A village forest with rice paddies, swamps, thicke...

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  • Odairanosato


    Odairanosato in Midori City has a variety of attra...

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  • Takatsudokyo Gorge

    Takatsudokyo Gorge

    Known as "Yabakei (a famous gorge in Oita Prefectu...

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  • Tsutsujigaoka Park

    Tsutsujigaoka Park

    Some 10,000 azalea trees are planted in the extens...

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  • Tobu Treasure Garden

    Tobu Treasure Garden

    The park of 8 hectares holds beautiful flowers in ...

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  • Suigo no Agebune

    Suigo no Agebune

    The oarsman skillfully maneuvers the boat down the...

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  • Trekking/Hiking


    Take a walk through nature decorated with the flow...

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