GUNMA Tourist Guide of Gunma Prefecture

Recommended Sights
  • Kusatsu Onsen

    Kusatsu Onsen

    This onsen resort is famous as one of the three ma...

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  • Osen-no-taki Falls

    Osen-no-taki Falls

    This is 25-meter waterfall located in Kusatsu. Thi...

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  • Asama Otaki and Uodome-no-taki waterfalls

    Asama Otaki and Uodome-no-taki waterfalls

    The waterfall sends a massive amount of water casc...

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  • Mt. Tanigawadake

    Mt. Tanigawadake

    At 1,977 meters, Mt. Tanigawadake is the highest m...

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  • Tambara Lavender Park

    Tambara Lavender Park

    About 50,000 lavender shrubs are planted on the sk...

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  • Numata Festival

    Numata Festival

    The floats and portable shrines parading through t...

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  • Ozegahara


    Oze is Japan's largest highland marsh, and is famo...

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  • Ikaho Onsen

    Ikaho Onsen

    Ikaho Onsen is located halfway up Mt. Harunasan at...

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  • Lake Nozoriko

    Lake Nozoriko

    This is a lake formed by a dam located at 1,513 m ...

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  • Ohinata no Hitoboshi (Hitoboshi fire show at Ohinata)

    Ohinata no Hitoboshi (Hitoboshi fire show at Ohinata)

    This is famous for being the largest remaining fir...

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  • Fujido Cave

    Fujido Cave

    At a total length of 2.2 kilometers, Fujido is the...

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  • Akagi-jinja Shrine

    Akagi-jinja Shrine

    This shrine is located on the banks of Lake Onuma ...

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