GUNMA Tourist Guide of Gunma Prefecture

Recommended Sights
  • Sainokawara Open-Air Bath (Kusatsu Onsen)

    Sainokawara Open-Air Bath (Kusatsu Onsen)

    Sainokawara Open-Air Bath is a large open-air bath...

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  • Goza no Yu (Kusatsu Onsen)

    Goza no Yu (Kusatsu Onsen)

    Famous public bathing facility in the period of la...

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  • Suwakyo Gorge

    Suwakyo Gorge

    This is a scenic spot near Minakami Onsen. Visitor...

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  • Fukiware-no-taki Falls

    Fukiware-no-taki Falls

    Fukiware-no-taki Falls with a drop from seven mete...

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  • Kajika Bridge

    Kajika Bridge

    This is a vermillion-lacquered arched bridge. The ...

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  • Agatsuma Gorge

    Agatsuma Gorge

    Spectacular scenery with unusually shaped rocks an...

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  • Mt. Myogisan

    Mt. Myogisan

    It is one of the three scenic spots in Japan. The ...

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  • Sky Bridge

    Sky Bridge

    Sky Bridge that extends over the verdant natural l...

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  • Takatsudokyo Gorge

    Takatsudokyo Gorge

    Known as "Yabakei (a famous gorge in Oita Prefectu...

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  • Fruit Picking

    Fruit Picking

    In the orchards located throughout the Prefecture,...

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