GUNMA Tourist Guide of Gunma Prefecture

  • Yamba Furusato-kan Roadside Station

    Yamba Furusato-kan Roadside Station

    This roadside station is constructed along the Aga...

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  • Takumi no Sato

    Takumi no Sato

    Ateliers for straw work, pottery, and bamboo work ...

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  • Mizukikokan Roadside Station

    Mizukikokan Roadside Station

    This roadside station is located along the pure wa...

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  • Joshu Numata Tonkatsu Highway

    Joshu Numata Tonkatsu Highway

    The Joshu Numata Tonkatsu Highway features restaur...

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  • Yukihotaka


    Yukihotaka is a koshihikari rice from Kawaba lovin...

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  • Kawaba Den-en Plaza Roadside Station

    Kawaba Den-en Plaza Roadside Station

    This roadside station has been ranked as "The Best...

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  • Agurimu Showa Roadside Station

    Agurimu Showa Roadside Station

    Showa Mura, which is known as the producing area o...

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  • Ikaho Green Bokujo

    Ikaho Green Bokujo

    Ikaho Green Bokujo raises sheep, rabbits, and hors...

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  • Mizusawa Udon

    Mizusawa Udon

    Gunma Prefecture is a major production area for qu...

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  • Shinto Winery

    Shinto Winery

    Shinto Grape Village is famous as a producing area...

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  • Yoshioka Onsen Roadside Station

    Yoshioka Onsen Roadside Station

    Located on the banks of Tone River and includes an...

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  • tsumuji Nakanojo Creative Communication Center

    tsumuji Nakanojo Creative Communication Center

    Cafes that use local ingredients, shops that sell ...

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  • Agatsumakyo Roadside Station

    Agatsumakyo Roadside Station

    This roadside station is located on the east side ...

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  • Nakayama Bonchi Roadside Station

    Nakayama Bonchi Roadside Station

    The Nakayama Bonchi Roadside Station in the villag...

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  • Takasaki Pasta

    Takasaki Pasta

    Takasaki is the origin of soup pasta. Known as a c...

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  • Haruna Fruit Highway

    Haruna Fruit Highway

    Many fruits such as pears, plums, and peaches grow...

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  • Mt. Myogisan Panorama Park

    Mt. Myogisan Panorama Park

    Located at the foot of Mt. Myogisan, one of Japan’...

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  • Isobe senbei

    Isobe senbei

    These sweet, crunchy senbei crackers are made usin...

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  • Isobe Weir

    Isobe Weir

    Isobe Weir is a tourist spot next to Usui River ne...

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  • Kanra Roadside Station

    Kanra Roadside Station

    This roadside station is found on the side of the ...

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  • Shimonita katsudon

    Shimonita katsudon

    Shimonita katsudon is different than your typical ...

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  • Inobuta dishes

    Inobuta dishes

    This special pork is made by breeding a male boar ...

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  • Maebashi: City of Pork

    Maebashi: City of Pork

    The Maebashi area thrives off being a prominent po...

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  • Joshu Ota yakisoba

    Joshu Ota yakisoba

    One of Japan’s three famous yakisoba noodles. The ...

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  • Local Sake

    Local Sake

    Japanese sake is made from rice, malted rice, and ...

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  • Fruit Picking

    Fruit Picking

    In the orchards located throughout the Prefecture,...

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  • Yakimanju


    This is a traditional food of Gunma Prefecture. So...

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  • Onsen Manju

    Onsen Manju

    Speaking of onsen resort, onsen manju is the must-...

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  • Konnyaku


    Konnyaku dishes are popular in Gunma, which boasts...

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  • Okkirikomi


    "Okkirikomi" is a Gunma's local cuisine which serv...

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  • Himokawa Udon

    Himokawa Udon

    Himokawa is a kind of udon noodle popular in Kiryu...

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  • Ginhikari


    Ginhikari is a unique trout variety successfully f...

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