GUNMA Tourist Guide of Gunma Prefecture

Watarase Keikoku Railway

This railway connects Kiryu City of Gunma prefecture and Nikko City of Tochigi prefecture. Visitors can enjoy the trip along Watarase Gorge with wonderful scenery by trolley train. This railway is full of charms in each season, such as peach blossoms in early spring, rush greenery in summer, autumnal leaves in autumn and illumination in winter. Also, Mizunuma Station holds day trip onsen facility within the station.

Basic Information
  • Tel:+81-277-73-2110 (Watarase Keikoku Railway)
  • ▼Fee: 510 yen for junior-high school students and older, 260 yen for elementary school students (trolley ticket)
    Other than the trolley ticket, train ticket for ride section is required.
Website (Watarase Keikoku Railway): (Japanese)
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