GUNMA Tourist Guide of Gunma Prefecture

Nakanotake-jinja Shrine

Located at the foot of Mt. Myogisan, this shrine is home to Japan’s largest Daikoku statue at 20 meters tall and 8.5 tons. Daikoku is one of the seven gods of good fortune worshiped by many Japanese. He typically holds a mallet, but this rare image has him holding a sword.

Basic Information
  • Location: 1248 Oaza Osaka, Shimonita-machi, Kanra-gun, Gunma
  • Tel:+81-274-82-3752 (Nakanotake-jinja Shrine)
  • ▼Parking: Free (500 cars and 30 buses at Prefectural Myogi Park Main Parking Lot)
  • ▼Access
  • ・ About 15 minutes by car from the Joshin-Etsu Expressway Matsuida-Myogi IC
    ・ About 25 minutes by taxi from the Isobe Station on the JR Shin-etsu Line or the Shimonita Station on the Joshin Dentetsu
Website (Nakanotake-jinja Shrine): (Japanese)
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