Kusatsu Onsen

Haruna Fruit Highway

Takasaki, Myogi, Tomioka Area

Many fruits such as pears, plums, and peaches grow in the Haruna area located on the southern foot of Mt. Harunasan. Many orchard direct vendors line the 406 National Highway, giving the stretch the name fruit highway, and drawing in many visitors.
You can also enjoy fruit picking of pears, blueberries, and more at the nearby pick-it-yourself farms.

Basic Information

  • Shimosatomi-machi, Nakasatomi-machi and Kamisatomi-machi, Takasaki-shi, Gunma
  • Mapcode: 94 394 527*01
  • ・ About 25 minutes by car from the Kan-Etsu Expressway Maebashi IC
    ・ Take the Gururin Haruna Line from the Platform 8 in front of the JR Shin-etsu Line Gumma-Yawata Station for about 15 minutes. Get off at Furushima-iin-mae.
  • ▼Fruit harvesting seasons:
    ・ Blueberries: Late June through early September
    ・ Peaches: Mid-July through late August
    ・ Plums: Late July through mid-September
    ・ Pears: Mid-August through late November
  • Final day of update: April 3, 2020

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