GUNMA Tourist Guide of Gunma Prefecture

Numata Festival

The floats and portable shrines parading through the streets of Numata City are soul-stirring. "Dai-tengu Mikoshi", Japan's largest portable shrine with giant long-nose goblin mask carried exclusively by women, is enormously popular as a highlight of the festival. Women from throughout the country carry the "Dai-tengu Mikoshi" and enliven the festival.

Basic Information
  • Location: Around town area of Numata City, Gunma
  • Tel:+81-278-23-1137 (Numata Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
  • Open: August 3 - 5
  • ▼Access
  • About 10 minutes on foot from Numata Station on JR Joetsu Line
Website (Numata Tourism Association): (English)
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