Kusatsu Onsen

Yoshigadaira Wetlands

Kusatsu, Manza, Kita-Karuizawa Area Shima Area

A stone monument marks the highest point on National Route 292. Looking down from the parking area where the monument sits at the high wetlands of Yoshigadaira that spread out below, one can fully appreciate the grandeur of nature—the early summer cotton grass in full bloom or the vibrant leaves of the Japanese rowan with yellow Erman’s birch in the fall.
In May 2015, the area was officially registered as a Ramsar Convention wetland under the name Yoshigadaira Wetlands. The convention works to conserve precious wetlands worldwide.

Basic Information

  • Oaza Iriyama, Nakanojo-machi, Agatsuma-gun, Gunma
  • Mapcode: 341 561 213*22
  • ・ About 50 minutes by taxi from the JR Naganohara-Kusatsuguchi Station
    ・ About 2 hours by car from the Kan-Etsu Expressway Shibukawa-Ikaho IC

    About 3 hours round trip on foot from the Shibu Toge Pass parking area
  • * Road Closure in Winter
    Section: From Tenguyama Gate (near the Kusatsu Onsen Ski Resort) to Shibutoge Pass (on the border of Nagano Prefecture)
    Duration: 1:00 PM on Wednesday, November 13, 2019 - 10:00 AM on Friday, April 24, 2020
  • Final day of update: May 12, 2020

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