GUNMA Tourist Guide of Gunma Prefecture

Maebashi, Akagi, Kiryu, Ota, Tatebayashi Area
  • Togoku Bunka

    Togoku Bunka

    Togoku Bunka prospered in what is now the Kanto ar...

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  • Mt. Akagi-yama

    Mt. Akagi-yama

    Mt. Akagi-yama is the symbol of Gunma Prefecture. ...

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  • Akagi-jinja Shrine

    Akagi-jinja Shrine

    This shrine is located on the banks of Lake Ono on...

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  • Akagi Onsen Area

    Akagi Onsen Area

    The Akagi Onsen Area is located on the southern sl...

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  • KANEKO SEEDS Gunma Flower Park

    KANEKO SEEDS Gunma Flower Park

    This is a floral theme park located on the south s...

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  • Shikishima Park Kadokura Techno Rose Garden

    Shikishima Park Kadokura Techno Rose Garden

    This garden has 7,000 roses in 600 different varie...

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  • Rinkokaku


    Rinkokaku is a modern Japanese building of wooden ...

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  • Maebashi: City of Pork

    Maebashi: City of Pork

    The Maebashi area thrives off being a prominent po...

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  • Kezoji Park

    Kezoji Park

    This is a famous flower-viewing spot for cherry bl...

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  • Tajima Yahei Sericulture Farm

    Tajima Yahei Sericulture Farm

    This is the old residence and farmhouse of Yahei T...

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  • Akabori Small Chrysanthemum Park

    Akabori Small Chrysanthemum Park

    Nearly twenty thousand kogiku, or small chrysanthe...

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  • Yabuzuka Onsen

    Yabuzuka Onsen

    Legend has it that during the Kamakura period, the...

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  • Joshu Ota yakisoba

    Joshu Ota yakisoba

    One of Japan’s three famous yakisoba noodles. The ...

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  • Hachiojiyama Park (Ota City Northern Athletic Park)

    Hachiojiyama Park (Ota City Northern Athletic Park)

    Hachiojiyama Park is a large fitness park in Ota w...

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  • Gunma Insect World

    Gunma Insect World

    A village forest with rice paddies, swamps, thicke...

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  • Hotokuji Temple

    Hotokuji Temple

    This Zen temple was built around 1450. The view of...

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  • Kiryu Yagibushi Festival

    Kiryu Yagibushi Festival

    Joshu (Gunma) region's traditional Yagibushi dance...

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  • Kiryu Shinmachi Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings

    Kiryu Shinmachi Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings

    Kiryu Shinmachi was built over 400 years ago in th...

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  • Textile Museum Yukari

    Textile Museum Yukari

    Located in the prosperous textile town of Kiryu, t...

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  • Kimono wearing experience

    Kimono wearing experience

    Once a thriving textile town, downtown Kiryu featu...

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  • Saw-Toothed Roof Factories

    Saw-Toothed Roof Factories

    These factories are the symbol of the city of text...

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  • Watarase Keikoku Railway

    Watarase Keikoku Railway

    This railway connects Kiryu City of Gunma prefectu...

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  • Odairanosato


    Odairanosato in Midori City has a variety of attra...

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  • Takatsudokyo Gorge

    Takatsudokyo Gorge

    Known as "Yabakei (a famous gorge in Oita Prefectu...

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  • Tsutsujigaoka Park

    Tsutsujigaoka Park

    Some 10,000 azalea trees are planted in the extens...

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  • Morinji Temple

    Morinji Temple

    Morinji Temple, constructed in 1426, is a scene of...

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  • Suigo no Agebune

    Suigo no Agebune

    The oarsman skillfully maneuvers the boat down the...

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  • Winter Activities

    Winter Activities

    Gunma is home to over twenty ski resorts with a la...

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  • Trekking/Hiking


    Take a walk through nature decorated with the flow...

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  • Water Activities

    Water Activities

    You can enjoy a variety of water activities in nat...

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  • Kiryu Textile

    Kiryu Textile

    Gunma Prefecture is famous for silk textiles for s...

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  • Fruit Picking

    Fruit Picking

    In the orchards located throughout the Prefecture,...

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  • Yakimanju


    This is a traditional food of Gunma Prefecture. So...

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  • Okkirikomi


    "Okkirikomi" is a Gunma's local cuisine which serv...

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  • Himokawa Udon

    Himokawa Udon

    Himokawa is a kind of udon noodle popular in Kiryu...

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  • Ginhikari


    Ginhikari is a unique trout variety successfully f...

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