GUNMA Tourist Guide of Gunma Prefecture

Takasaki, Myogi, Tomioka Area
  • Byakue Dai-Kannon

    Byakue Dai-Kannon

    This is the statue of Goddess of Mercy with the he...

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  • Shorinzan Darumaji Temple

    Shorinzan Darumaji Temple

    Shorinzan Darumaji Temple is the origin of "Takasa...

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  • Daimonya


    This atelier makes Takasaki Daruma doll, which boa...

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  • Three Cherished Stalae of Ancient Kozuke (Kozuke-Sanpi)

    Three Cherished Stalae of Ancient Kozuke (Kozuke-Sanpi)

    Three Cherished Stalae of Ancient Kozuke (Kozuke-S...

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  • Nippon Silk Center

    Nippon Silk Center

    General resource center exhibiting and introducing...

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  • Takasaki Dye Botanical Garden

    Takasaki Dye Botanical Garden

    The Takasaki Dye Botanical Garden is a natural pla...

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  • Tomioka Silk Mill

    Tomioka Silk Mill

    This is the symbol of "Silk Country" Gunma. It wa...

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  • Nukisaki Shrine

    Nukisaki Shrine

    The history of this old shrine dates back 1,400 ye...

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  • Gunma Safari Park

    Gunma Safari Park

    Visitors can have an up close look at about 100 sp...

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  • Mt. Myogisan

    Mt. Myogisan

    It is one of the three scenic spots in Japan. The ...

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  • Usui 3rd Bridge (Megane Bashi)

    Usui 3rd Bridge (Megane Bashi)

    This bridge is popularly known as "Megane Bashi". ...

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  • Isobe Onsen

    Isobe Onsen

    This onsen resort is known to have first used the ...

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  • Usuitouge Tetsudo Bunka Mura

    Usuitouge Tetsudo Bunka Mura

    This rail theme park lets you look, touch, and exp...

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  • Kirizumi Onsen

    Kirizumi Onsen

    Kirizumi Onsen is a secret onsen with a simple ryo...

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  • Sakurayama Park

    Sakurayama Park

    About 7,000 Fuyuzakura cherry trees decorate the p...

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  • Takayama-sha Sericulture School

    Takayama-sha Sericulture School

    This is the birthplace of "Takayama-sha" that prom...

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  • Fuji no Saku Oka

    Fuji no Saku Oka

    Within the park of 2.3 hectares, visitors can enjo...

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  • Tsuchi to Hi no Sato

    Tsuchi to Hi no Sato

    The park, surrounded with rich nature, holds handi...

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  • Castle Town Obata

    Castle Town Obata

    The ambiance of the castle town of the Obata clan,...

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  • Rakusan-en


    Rakusan-en opened in 2012 after a restoration proj...

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  • Konnyaku Park

    Konnyaku Park

    Gunma prefecture holds Japan's highest amount of p...

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  • Arafune Cold Storage

    Arafune Cold Storage

    It was a cold storage facility that utilizes cold ...

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  • Ohinata no Hitoboshi (Hitoboshi fire show at Ohinata)

    Ohinata no Hitoboshi (Hitoboshi fire show at Ohinata)

    This is famous for being the largest remaining fir...

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  • Sky Bridge

    Sky Bridge

    Sky Bridge that extends over the verdant natural l...

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  • Takasaki Daruma

    Takasaki Daruma

    Gunma Prefecture is the leading producer of Daruma...

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  • Local Sake

    Local Sake

    Japanese sake is made from rice, malted rice, and ...

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  • Konnyaku


    Konnyaku dishes are popular in Gunma, which boasts...

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