GUNMA Tourist Guide of Gunma Prefecture

Shima Area
  • Yoshigadaira Wetlands

    Yoshigadaira Wetlands

    A stone monument marks the highest point on Nation...

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  • Chatsubomi Moss Park

    Chatsubomi Moss Park

    Deep-green colored chatsubomi moss loves highly ac...

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  • Kuni no Sato Onsen Area

    Kuni no Sato Onsen Area

    Found in between Kusatsu Onsen and Shima Onsen, th...

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  • Lake Nozoriko

    Lake Nozoriko

    This is a lake formed by a dam located at 1,513 m ...

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  • Sawatari Onsen

    Sawatari Onsen

    Sawatari Onsen is located in a quiet hot spring ar...

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  • Shima Onsen

    Shima Onsen

    It is an quiet onsen resort which is located along...

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  • Shima Seiryu no Yu

    Shima Seiryu no Yu

    This is a day-trip onsen faclity located at the en...

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  • Lake Shimako

    Lake Shimako

    This manmade lake is located on the way from Nakan...

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  • tsumuji Nakanojo Creative Communication Center

    tsumuji Nakanojo Creative Communication Center

    Cafes that use local ingredients, shops that sell ...

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  • Agatsumakyo Gorge

    Agatsumakyo Gorge

    Spectacular scenery with unusually shaped rocks an...

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  • Mt. Iwabitsu-yama

    Mt. Iwabitsu-yama

    Mt. Iwabitsu-yama is a mountain of rock 802 meters...

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  • Agatsumakyo Roadside Station

    Agatsumakyo Roadside Station

    This roadside station is located on the east side ...

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  • Yakushi Onsen

    Yakushi Onsen

    Located in the remotest part of the Asama-Kakushi ...

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  • Nakayama Bonchi Roadside Station

    Nakayama Bonchi Roadside Station

    The Nakayama Bonchi Roadside Station in the villag...

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  • Gunma Astronomical Observatory

    Gunma Astronomical Observatory

    The observatory houses one of the world's largest ...

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  • Lockheart Castle

    Lockheart Castle

    Lockheart Castle was built in Scotland in 1829 and...

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  • Togoku Bunka

    Togoku Bunka

    Togoku Bunka prospered in what is now the Kanto ar...

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  • Trekking/Hiking


    Take a walk through nature decorated with the flow...

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  • Water Activities

    Water Activities

    You can enjoy a variety of water activities in nat...

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  • Ginhikari


    Ginhikari is a unique trout variety successfully f...

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