GUNMA Tourist Guide of Gunma Prefecture

Minakami, Oze, Numata Area
  • Mt. Tanigawadake

    Mt. Tanigawadake

    At 1,977 meters, Mt. Tanigawadake is the highest m...

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  • Minakami Onsen Area

    Minakami Onsen Area

    Minakami Onsen Area is consisted of nine different...

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  • Takaragawa Onsen

    Takaragawa Onsen

    This is one of the onsen resort in Minakami Onsen ...

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  • Sarugakyo Mikuni Onsen Area

    Sarugakyo Mikuni Onsen Area

    Sarugakyo Mikuni Onsen Area holds six onsen resort...

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  • Takumi no Sato

    Takumi no Sato

    Ateliers for straw work, pottery, and bamboo work ...

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  • Tsukiyono Vidro Park

    Tsukiyono Vidro Park

    This is a leading handmade glass factory in Japan....

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  • Suwakyo Gorge

    Suwakyo Gorge

    This is a scenic spot near Minakami Onsen. Visitor...

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  • Tsukiyono · Kamimoku Onsen Area

    Tsukiyono · Kamimoku Onsen Area

    Tsukiyono ・Kamimoku Onsen Area has four onsen reso...

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  • Tambara Lavender Park

    Tambara Lavender Park

    About 50,000 lavender shrubs are planted on the sk...

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  • Fukiware-no-taki Falls

    Fukiware-no-taki Falls

    Fukiware-no-taki Falls with a drop from seven mete...

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  • Oigami Onsen

    Oigami Onsen

    This onsen resort is situated in the natural surro...

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  • Numata Festival

    Numata Festival

    The floats and portable shrines parading through t...

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  • Ozegahara


    Oze is Japan's largest highland marsh, and is famo...

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  • Mt. Hotaka-yama

    Mt. Hotaka-yama

    This is known for the secret mountains of mountain...

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  • Kawaba Onsen

    Kawaba Onsen

    Kawaba Onsen bubbles forth in a quiet town at the ...

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  • Den-en Plaza Kawaba

    Den-en Plaza Kawaba

    This roadside station has been ranked as "The Best...

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  • Agurimu Showa

    Agurimu Showa

    Showa Mura, which is known as the producing area o...

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  • Skiing


    There are over 20 ski grounds in Gunma Prefecture ...

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  • Rafting


    A thrilling ride on a large rubber boat takes you ...

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