GUNMA Tourist Guide of Gunma Prefecture

Kusatsu, Manza, Kita-Karuizawa Area
  • Kusatsu Onsen

    Kusatsu Onsen

    This onsen resort is famous as one of the three ma...

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  • Netsu no Yu (Kusatsu Onsen)

    Netsu no Yu (Kusatsu Onsen)

    The temperature of the Kusatsu onsen water is from...

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  • Sainokawara Open-Air Bath (Kusatsu Onsen)

    Sainokawara Open-Air Bath (Kusatsu Onsen)

    Sainokawara Open-Air Bath is a large open-air bath...

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  • Goza no Yu (Kusatsu Onsen)

    Goza no Yu (Kusatsu Onsen)

    Famous public bathing facility in the period of la...

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  • Otaki no Yu (Kusatsu Onsen)

    Otaki no Yu (Kusatsu Onsen)

    This bathing facility has "Awaseyu", the way of ba...

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  • Osen-no-taki Falls

    Osen-no-taki Falls

    This is 25-meter waterfall located in Kusatsu. Thi...

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  • Manza Onsen

    Manza Onsen

    This onsen resort is one of the highest onsen reso...

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  • Mt. Asama Magma Stone Park

    Mt. Asama Magma Stone Park

    Lava formed this work of art when Mt. Asama-yama e...

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  • Aisai no Oka

    Aisai no Oka

    This is a tourist site for shouting words of love ...

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  • Kazawa Yunomaru Plateau

    Kazawa Yunomaru Plateau

    The plateau is famous for its masses of Japanese a...

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  • Asama Otaki and Uodome-no-taki waterfalls

    Asama Otaki and Uodome-no-taki waterfalls

    The waterfall sends a massive amount of water casc...

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  • Kawarayu Onsen

    Kawarayu Onsen

    Said to have been discovered by Minamoto no Yorito...

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  • Yamba Furusato-kan Roadside Station

    Yamba Furusato-kan Roadside Station

    This roadside station is constructed along the Aga...

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  • Yoshigadaira Wetlands

    Yoshigadaira Wetlands

    A stone monument marks the highest point on Nation...

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  • Togoku Bunka

    Togoku Bunka

    Togoku Bunka prospered in what is now the Kanto ar...

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  • Winter Activities

    Winter Activities

    Gunma is home to over twenty ski resorts with a la...

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  • Trekking/Hiking


    Take a walk through nature decorated with the flow...

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  • Water Activities

    Water Activities

    You can enjoy a variety of water activities in nat...

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  • Onsen Manju

    Onsen Manju

    Speaking of onsen resort, onsen manju is the must-...

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  • Ginhikari


    Ginhikari is a unique trout variety successfully f...

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